terça-feira, 2 de setembro de 2008

Já conversou com Deus?

Aqui, ó. Mas só em inglês.

Minha conversa com Ele:

Me: God!
God:GOD rules.
Me: always!
God:Not that often.
Me: how not?
God:What is it to you. I'll come back to that later.
Me: okay
God:OK with me too.
Me: will you make me happy?
God:Hmm. What are the ingredients?
Me: let me see... money, love, friends...
God:Go ahead, Luciara, try to see. I only hear that type of response less than five percent of the time.
Me: but you did not tell me
God:What makes you think I did not tell you?
Me: ill you make me happy?
God:Would you recommend this action to a friend?
Me: what action?
God:Your plan.
Me: plan???
God:Are you free?
Me: always
God:Not that often.
Me: i am free all the time
God:That is a lot. Are you free in the sense of being single or in the sense of being liberated?
Me: both
God:What are both like?
Me: i am single and liberated
God:Have you ever been married?
Me: never
God:So you think it can never happen?
Me: i do not know...
God:Me either.
Me: but you are god!
God:Yup. That's me alright.

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Rafael Rodrigues disse...

É como dizem, Deus digita certo por linhas toras...